Connect smart company cards, to intuitive management tools. Control, track and report spending – all in one place.

All the features and pages I worked on at Soldo.

Employee cards

Can be issued to individual employees or occasional workers, such as contractors and volunteers.

Company cards

Can be allocated to departments and projects and shared between teams. Perfect for subscriptions, online advertising and any kind of company spend.

Flow to choose wallet funding the card

Allocate employee cards or company cards to spend money from specific wallets or allow all cards to share funds from the main wallet or a company wallet.


Give cards to employees and teams to buy what they need. Set custom spending limits and rules for hands-on cost control. And snap photos of receipts to make spend management a breeze.

Prototype can be seen here

Request money

Give sales reps and field workers the funds they need with Soldo Pro. Send them money instantly, so they’re always covered. You set the rules for every transaction so you won’t get any surprises – and no more asking employees to fork out for travel expenses.


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