Describe ‘Design Innovation and Brand Management’

Describe ‘Design Innovation and Brand Management’

Design: v work out the structure or form of (something), by making a sketch or plans; plan and make artistically; intend for specific purpose n preliminary drawing; arrangement or features of an artistic or decorative work; art of designing; intention, e.g. by design Innovation: n new idea or method; introduction of new ideas or methods Brand: particular product; particular kind or variety; identifying mark burnt onto the skin of an animal v mark with a brand; denounce as being, e.g. branded a traitor Management: managers collectively; administration or organization

The human being works with vision, reason, and emotion therefore brands must have a personality that communicates its values and qualities. A brand is more than just a company logo, a brand should sell emotions and values. Design thinking should be used to define a solution/strategy to make a brand appealing and innovation to bring new ideas to be distinctive in an overcrowded market. I believe by allying both we can build strong emotional brands that have the power to maintain its reputation in the market through the years.

Collins English Dictionary definitions

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