Where are you, where have you come from where are you going?

Where have you come from?
I come from Espinho, a small city with a great coastline, one of the most attractive ones in the northern Portugal. The construction of the city it’s like New York, the streets are all parallels to each other and the name of the streets are numbers. It’s a nice place to live, I was raised and born there and it was there I start my interest in design while doing a professional course in Multimedia. I learned the essential Adobe tools for design, audiovisual and coding. I did two internships that had an amazing impact in my professional view of design. When I finished the course I received my diploma and I applied for a university far from home because I needed a new experience to grow as a person. I started my BA degree in Communication Design and Audiovisual Production, it was a great experience, I improved what I learned in the previous course and I learned a lot of new things. I did have a large number of subjects to learn, like graphic design, advertising, brand, marketing, 3D, video, audio, web design and coding. It was a good BA because at the time I didn’t know that I wanted to do when I finished the degree, so I learned everything I could and in the end it was easier for me to choose my MA degree. As final project I worked for a honey company building the brand and all the communication, I really enjoyed that so that’s the reason I choose the MA Design Innovation & Brand Management. But why choose a MA in the UK? First of all it’s easier to find a job if we study abroad and secondly I have family in the UK so financially it helps not having to pay rent.
Where are you?
Now I’m already in the UK doing my MA and it’s been a chance to get in touch with a different education system, more independent, and improve my English. I want to focus in all I can learn about brand and I hope I can do an internship during the MA to learn how professionals work in the real world. As final project, I want to get involved in a rebrand project or in the creation of a new brand.
Where are you going?
When I finish my MA degree I hope to find a job doing what I have learned over this years studying design and someday I wish I could be a good well-paid creative director. That would be great!

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